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Holy Cross Academy - Drama Club

The Wizard of Oz


Congratulations to all for a successful audition process!! I am so proud of each and every one of you for your preparation and willingness to share your talents with others. Every character is an important part of the story- without YOU the story would not be complete. Please make sure to look through the entire cast list as you may have multiple parts.

Take the time to celebrate yourself. I look forward to working with you on THE WIZARD OF OZ.


Ms. Ramos-Burgos

Director of Music and Performance

Holy Cross Academy


Holy Cross Academy Cast List 2022

Dorothy Gale:  Raine Surla

(Kansas and Oz): A sweet, innocent young lady with a streak of boldness, outspoken and headstrong, who dearly loves her family, friends and dog, Toto; Lives on a farm in Kansas with her Aunt Em & Uncle Henry, but dreams of escaping to a far-off place where she will not get into trouble. 

Aunt Em Gale:  Coco Durant

A typical, hard-working farmer’s wife who is firm & no-nonsense but also warm and caring.

Uncle Henry Gale: Augustin Bartnett

Farmer whose wife, Em, runs things; Adoring uncle to Dorothy.

Hunk/Scarecrow: Joseph Roberts

Clumsy farmhand on the family’s Kansas farm; talks about being smart and having a brain. Scarecrow: Friend to Dorothy in the Land of Oz.

Hickory/Tin Man: Callie Dunn

Kind, sweet and nurturing farmhand; Tin Man: Friend to Dorothy in the Land of Oz. Has no heart but is very caring. 

Zeke/Lion:  Alexis Diehl

Farmhand who lacks courage. Lion: Acts tough, but fearful self comes out in any scary situation. Friend to Dorothy in the Land of Oz.



Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West:  Rebecca Root 

Well-off, cold-hearted Gale neighbor who hates Toto.                     
Wicked Witch of the West: Wants revenge on Dorothy and the ruby slippers. 


Toto: Emma Root

Dorothy’s beloved dog. :)

Professor Marvel/Wizard: John Paul Boland

Traveling salesman who lives by telling fortunes; a con-man but with a good heart; Wizard: Friend to the Munchkins and the Ozians, ruler of the Land of Oz.

Glinda: Bri Lucier- 8th grade

Good Witch of the North who is the mother figure for Munchkins and Dorothy whom she guides through Oz; delicate and graceful. 


Scarlett Miller, Lily Medina, Ellie Kinnamon, Johanna Butts, Lila Barton, Emilie Scharf, Emma Fischer, Juliet Piper, Patrick Peralta, Cam Hicks, Davis Lanford, Gianna Mohammed, Alexis Shaver, Emmy Merkal, Lilly Benest, Kyra Minch, Gabriel Prasad, Charlotte Miller, Lucas Howe

Little people who live in Munchkinland where Dorothy’s house lands after the cyclone; enthusiastic and joyful. Ensemble part with group singing and dancing.


Munchkins with solo singing parts-

Mayor: Kyra Minch

Coroner: Gabriel Prasad

Barrister: Charlotte Miller

City Father: Lucas Howe

Lollipop Guild: Patrick Peralta, Cam Hicks, Davis Lanford


The 3-male group provides back-up vocals and “corn”-ey jokes for the Scarecrow scene. 


Lullaby League: 

Gianna Mohammed, Alexis Shaver, Emmy Merkal


Dancers and singers to welcome Dorothy to Munchkin Land.


Apple Trees: 

Makayla Christensen, Annah Galaska, Cassandra Hirwa 

Dramatic, speaking angry trees- own scene with Dorothy and Scarecrow.

Singing and Dancing Trees: 

Makayla Christensen, Sofia Dudekula, Anna Lanford, Emma Fischer, Meredith Orr, Caroline Butts, Audrey Klobe, Valerie Sarria, Charlotte Brooks, Brielle Gaffney, Sarah Gerardo, Izzy Dzuray, Sofia Fannin

Big dancing part and singing part. 



Annah Galaska, Cassandra Hirwa, Jovanna Grathwol, Izzy Tueros, Annalese James

Whimsical forest creatures who serve the Wicked Witch. Big featured dancing part.This fast-paced, swing number requires excellent dancers and will put you out of breath!

Doorman: Nate Foley

Comical character in Emerald City. Doorman tries to be tough but turns into a “softy.”

Optimistic Voices/Ozians/Emerald City Chorus:

Jovanna Grathwol, Annah Galaska, Cassandra Hirwa, Izzy Tueros, Sophia Fannin, Makayla Christensen, Emmy Merkal, Lucas Howe, Matthew Waineo, John Owen

Late 1930’s style vocal ensemble who sing a 3-part harmony chorus welcoming Dorothy to the gates of Emerald City. 

The Ozians/Emerald City Chorus: 

Annalese James, Sofia Dudekula, Anna Lanford, Meredith Orr, Caroline Butts, Audrey Klobe, Valerie Sarria, Charlotte Brooks, Brielle Gaffney, Sarah Gerardo, Izzy Dzuray 

Citizens of Emerald City. Ensemble part with group song and dance.


Flying Monkeys: 

Matthew Waineo, John (Tripp) Janney, Hannah Waineo, Sebastian Stoeter, John Owen, Leonardo Torres-Czajka, Nate Dunn, Gabriel Leon, Davis Lanford, Charlotte Miller, Juliet Piper, Emilie Scharf, Lily Medina, Johanna Butts, Juliet Piper, Gianna Mohammed, Lilly Benest  

The Wicked Witch’s menacing animal army. 

Nikko: Matthew Waineo

Leader of the Flying Monkeys.

Winkie Guards: 

Liam Long, Nate Foley, Nathan Reily, Liam Murphy, Max Haywood, Jacob Waineo, Cam Hicks, Patrick Peralta, Gabriel Prasad, Kyra Minch, Scarlett Miller, Lila Barton, Ellie Kinnamon, Emma Fischer, Emilie Scharf, Alexis Shaver   

The Wicked Witch’s military guards. 

Leader of the Winkies: Nate Foley

The leader of the Wicked Witch’s guards. 




Tripp Janney, Hannah Waineo, Sebastian Stoeter, Liam Long, Nate Dunn, Gabriel Leon, Leonardo Torres-Czajka

Dancers will help create the tornado effect through interpretive dance, moving scenery.


Lady in rocking chair: Sofia Dudekula


Cow (2 people): Jacob Waineo, Nathan Reily

2 Men in rowboat: Liam Murphy and Max Haywood

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