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First Grade

Mrs. Karen Lysne - 
& Mrs. Kim Johnson -  

Upon entering First Grade at Holy Cross Academy, you and your child will begin an incredible journey that emphasizes development in the Catholic faith, academic excellence and diverse activities that address the needs of all learners.

The children embrace their faith while discovering Jesus as their best friend through bible stories, prayers and songs.

The first grade class adopts St. Francis of Assisi as our classroom saint.  We learn about his life and emulate his love for God’s creatures by taking on a project to sponsor a dog or cat from the local SPCA.  We learn that we are the heart and hands of Jesus and practice acts of kindness throughout the year.  Learning Christian virtues is an important part of first grade as we discover a new virtue each month.

Academically, the children acquire the skills necessary to become accomplished readers and thinkers.  Our children learn phonics and reading skills while engaged in a variety of differentiated activities. We use a balanced reading program that promotes the love of reading while addressing individual needs. Each month we feature a very special author to help us connect the reading and writing experience. In math, we will build upon the concepts of addition and subtraction using hands on manipulative and real life learning activities.  In science and social studies, we discover our world and beyond through various experiences such as hatching chicks and butterflies, growing herbs, and creating a model community.

In first grade we like to celebrate learning through theme-centered events throughout the year.  The children’s reading and writing connection is celebrated by an Authors’ Tea at the end of the year.  Parents are invited to hear the unique, creative stories the children have written.  We provide many opportunities for parents to become involved in our learning. The Mystery Reader is just one opportunity where parents come into the classroom to read to the class.  Of course this is a nice surprise for their child and the rest of the class.

We strive to make first grade at Holy Cross Academy a safe, caring, and enjoyable learning environment for you and your child.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact either of us at the school to set up an appointment and hear all about our program.

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