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Our weekly liturgies are celebrated with a two-fold purpose:

  1. Praying together as a school community strengthens our filial bonds.  As the Mass is the greatest prayer of all, we consider it a privilege to pray the liturgy together each Friday. It is the greatest act of adoration that we can make to God and the most efficacious means of praying for our families and all those entrusted to our prayers.

  2. Our second purpose in celebrating Mass with our students on Friday is to prepare them for a fuller participation in Sunday Mass in their parishes. As the students enter more deeply into the Eucharistic celebration, they grow in their relationship with Christ and his church.

Our school chorus, Youth of Note, leads the singing at our Friday Masses. Student cantors chosen from the 7th and 8th graders in the chorus lead our singing at Mass.

Beginning in the 2nd grade, classes take turns preparing the Mass, proclaiming the Scriptures and bringing forth the gifts. This in-depth participation in the Mass helps them to grow in understanding of the liturgy and the place it holds in our lives.

Our 6th graders sponsor a weekly food collection at our Friday Masses to meet the needs of the poor in our community and to lead our students into an awareness of the relationship between their faith in Christ and their care for our needy brothers and sisters.

Our school families are always welcome to our liturgies. Classes will frequently ask a parent or grandparent to take an active role in the Mass prepared by their class.