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At Holy Cross Academy we celebrate the gifts of each child, recognizing that every individual is created in the image of God. Within a student-centered learning environment, children are challenged to achieve their potential and to recognize the gift of God in one another. Through the example of caring, committed adults formed in spirituality, each child grows and learns in a spirit of mutual respect, charity, gentleness and integrity. With our primary objective being the education of our students in the Catholic faith for now and for eternity, we emphasize religious instruction in the truths of our faith, character formation, and authentic experiences of prayer and worship.


Recognizing that parents and guardians are the first and best teachers of their children, we commit ourselves to establishing strong relationships of trust through frequent home-school communication so that an effective partnership supporting the needs of each learner is cultivated.


Drawing upon the diverse backgrounds of our students, teachers collaborate to create lessons that will teach and reinforce basic skills, as well as challenge students to attain higher levels of learning with a commitment to striving for excellence. In all areas of the school, students are taught to take particular pride in the final product of each assignment as an outward expression of themselves. Extra-curricular offerings help to meet the needs and interests of students beyond the classroom.


At Holy Cross Academy our children learn through active participation in their classes. This is achieved through creative lesson plans enhanced by interactive technology and multi-sensory experiences which draw upon their natural sense of wonder. Various teaching styles, including lecture, small group discussion, observation, hands-on experiments, group projects, dramatizations, and student presentations, help to meet the diversity of learning styles present among our students. Teachers incorporate higher level thinking skills into classes at all levels to help each learner attain his or her fullest potential.


Finally, as citizens of the world and learners in a Catholic School, our students participate in frequent service opportunities so that they form the habit of responding to the challenge of the Gospel of Christ throughout their lives and are inspired to take on leadership roles so that they may be a positive influence on society.

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