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HCA Preschool at St. Mary Curriculum

The curriculum is not just the goals of the program and the planned activities but also the daily schedule, the availability and use of materials, transitions between activities and the way in which routine tasks of living are implemented. Young children are expected to learn through active and positive manipulation of the environment and concrete experiences that contribute to concept development.

Without limiting the rights of the school under section VIII of this handbook, modifications may be made in the environment and staffing patterns for children with special needs.

The daily schedule is intended to provide a balance of activities with attention to the following dimension of scheduling:

  • Daily outdoor play, weather permitting

  • Alternating periods of quiet time and active play

  • A balance of large muscle and small muscle activities is provided

  • Various small group or large group activities throughout most of the day

  • A balance of child-initiated and staff-initiated activity is provided. The amount of time spent in staff-initiated, large group activity is limited.

Developmentally appropriate materials and equipment that project heterogeneous, racial, gender and age attributes are selected for use.

The school will use media, such as videos, online learning games, or apps that have been previewed by the staff prior to use. The purpose of technology in the classroom is to enhance and support the curriculum concepts being introduced.

The goal of the school is to emphasize concrete experiential learning and to achieve the following goals:

  • foster spiritual development;;

  • foster positive self-concept;

  • encourage children to think, reason, question and experiment;

  • develop social skills;

  • encourage language development;

  • enhance physical development and skills;

  • encourage and demonstrate sound health, safety and nutritional practices;

  • encourage creative expression and appreciation for the arts;

  • respect cultural diversity.

Staff provides materials and time for activities, but children choose from among several activities that the teacher has planned or the children initiate. Staff respect the child’s right to choose not to participate at times.

HCA Preschool at St. Mary follows the curriculum guidelines set forth by the Diocese of Arlington. To view those standards, please visit:

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