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Preschool Testimonials

There are no words to describe the joy and peace my family feels from having our children attend HCA Preschool. We have four children, all of whom have attended HCA Preschool, and subsequently gone on to attend Holy Cross Academy.  We have been so blessed by so many amazing teachers, some of whom have patiently endured all four of our children!! 


The love, care and dedication of the HCA Preschool and its teachers' are unparalleled. Within our children, one has a learning disability, three are diagnosed with ADHD and one is also on the autism spectrum. The open lines of communication between the staff and parents, and the supportive environment of the preschool helped our children thrive. As parents, we shared information we learned through multiple avenues of therapy and other resources. Sheri’s background as an SLP means our neurodivergent little munchkins have been in an inclusive learning environment that supports these kids as they stay active and engaged. Social emotional learning is combined with a love of their Catholic faith in a way that no other preschool in our area can offer. My oldest is beginning her Confirmation prep this year and still fondly recalls moments from her preschool days. Her love of Mama Mary and Our Lord would not be nearly as deep or intense without the foundation that HCA Preschool offers. We are so grateful for the environment that HCA preschool creates and wholeheartedly believe there is no other preschool in our area that can rival HCA’s!

The Stewart Family 


When we relocated to the Stafford area during the pandemic in 2020, my oldest daughter Addison had already been attending a great Catholic preschool in the Richmond area. I was nervous to start over in finding a new school she would love as much as St. Edward Epiphany. We are so thankful to have found HCA as it made the transition so much easier for her. Her kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Pollok, were amazing as well as the rest of the faculty. She continues to grow academically and in her faith. She has made friends and is excited to go to school everyday. Once our younger daughter Stella was old enough for preschool, it was an easy decision for us that she would attend Holy Cross Academy Preschool. Stella is currently in the 3s class with Mrs. Pozzuto and loves it. We are thrilled to have settled into a new home with a great community and an amazing school like Holy Cross Academy.

                                                                                                                                                       — The Steves Family


HCA Preschool is near and dear to our hearts! My late mother-in-law loved our parish and preschool. She wanted nothing more than for her grandchildren to attend. Our oldest Gianna, who is a current HCA student in the 4th grade, was in Mrs. Bain 4s class. Gianna had never been to daycare or preschool prior to HCA. The love and support from Mrs. Bain was fabulous. Gianna flourished and loved going to school. The program does an excellent job preparing our little ones for kindergarten. But what I believe it does the best, is providing them with the foundation in faith and love for Jesus. 


Our 2nd daughter, Isabella is a current HCA preschooler. Last year, she loved every minute of being with Mrs. Castellarin for the 3s MWF. This year, she is with Mrs. Ennis for the 4s MWF and the best part, she gets to be with Mrs. Bain now too! She loves the song “Lord, I Need You” and has been asking to play it on repeat. We love seeing the excitement in her morning routine on preschool days. We can’t wait for next year, when our son, Kasmally can join the HCA Preschool family! He will also have the pleasure of being with Mrs. Castellarin! We can’t wait!

The Mohammed Family


We have been members of the Holy Cross Preschool community for 5 years with one child having attended, two currently enrolled, and one due to attend in 2024. Jamie was raised Catholic and attended Bishop Sullivan Catholic School in Virginia Beach. We knew we wanted the same type of community for our preschoolers to start off their learning experience. Holy Cross has been exactly that. We truly feel like the teachers have done an amazing job of instilling the love of learning in our children. The kids are always so proud to show off their work and classrooms whenever we attend events. Our favorite HCA Preschool pastimes are Donuts with Dad and Mothers Day Tea.

—The Garner Family 

Hello, we are the Colbys! We recently moved here in December and are enjoying the Fredericksburg life. In fact, one of the reasons we chose our house is the close proximity to St. Mary.


When we found out about HCA Preschool, we decided to tour it. After meeting the HCA team, we knew our son’s first school experience would be a positive and joyous one. It is evident that it is, especially when we see him sharing his projects and work with his younger brother at home. We are extremely grateful to the HCA staff for all their hard work and attention to detail to ensure a productive and fun learning environment for their students.

—The Colby Family 


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