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Preschool Testimonials

When I was a four-year-old, I did not know the existence of the English language or of formal schooling. As a student of St. Mary Preschool, the thought of not seeing a family member at school terrified me. After preschool, when I first entered kindergarten, I did not see my dad in the classroom like I was used to, but I accepted it because I was having a delightful time playing with my classmates. I had trouble accepting school culture and struggled with the English language and learning in the classroom. I strongly disliked school until the third grade when I finally understood what my peers and teachers were saying around me. Since then, there has not been a reason for me to dislike school; I got to see my friends everyday! As time went on, I began to realize how blessed I was to be attending a school where all the teachers strive to shape their students academically and spiritually into the proper men and women they ought to be, while receiving a proper Catholic education. Starting in the fifth grade, I decided to commit to one goal: to put my best effort into anything and everything.

To achieve my goal, I used the many values that I had been taught. I learned to love all and forgive anyone who had done me wrong. There was a strong emphasis in my school on commitment, calling everyone to commit to succeed. I was even able to use the values I learned in real-life situations to enlighten others about the Church. I have been able to help people open their eyes about God.
My parents did not receive this prestigious education when they were younger so when they had the opportunity to give it to my sister and me, they went for it. Occasionally, I would tell them the things that I learned in school and I could see the happiness in their eyes. I am so grateful for this gift they have been giving to me since my first day at preschool. It was an absolute privilege to attend St. Mary Preschool and Holy Cross Academy. Furthermore, I am now continuing my Catholic education at Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School. Our parish school will always have a place in my heart; it is my second home.

An Le, St. Mary Preschool and HCA Alumnus


Our children have been blessed with beginning their education at St. Mary Preschool. The environment has helped to foster not only a love for learning, but a great love of the Lord. The curriculum at St. Mary offers children the ability to learn through exploration and play, while also providing the guiding structure to prepare them for grade school. The teachers at St. Mary are truly excellent! Our three children are very different, yet they have come to know each child and have taken an individual approach in their academic, social and faith development. We have so many wonderful family memories of our children at St. Mary Preschool - all accompanied with a song, an art project and a prayer, that we will take with us next year to Holy Cross. Than you for providing such a loving, faith based environment for our children during these most formative years.

                                                                                                                                                       — Summer Hughes, former St. Mary Preschool Mom


The staff at St. Mary Preschool glorify God with their kind, loving and faith based approach to their students. We are blessed and thankful for our experience at the preschool. Our son was challenged and nurtured in a loving environment. He learned, matured and thrived with the support of strong professional teachers who everyday reinforced our family values and faith. We are very excited to have our youngest daughter enrolled this coming school year and look forward to her receiving the same level of attention as she works to master skills necessary to give her a great start in grade school. We enthusiastically recommend St. Mary Preschool to others!

Tim and  Kristien Baroody, former St. Mary Preschool parents


There are so many things to love about St. Mary Preschool. The first thing I think of is love of the children. It is a special place where they are shown love from the moment they arrive. They learn about Jesus' love for them and how to love each other. The teachers are wonderful. They dedicate so much time and energy to making school a positive experience for the children and a place where so many memories are made. The children make the most beautiful craft projects which truly become treasures to the parents in years to come. The Mother's Day Tea, Donuts with Dad, the Christmas play, Teddy Bear picnic and Easter egg hunt are all fun things that make preschool time special. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful preschool at St. Mary!

Beth Merriman


For my family, St. Mary Preschool has always offered a welcoming environment and one that encourages faith, learning, & playing.  Three of my daughters have attended school here and, despite their very different personalities, all my girls and I have been happy with their preschool experiences. The teachers do a terrific job at getting to know every child as an individual -- and being attentive to each of their needs and strengths.  My oldest daughter frequently says to my younger daughter that she is so lucky to be at St. Mary's because, "even though you are learning there, it is always fun!"

Laura Weber


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