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Science instruction begins in kindergarten with hands-on projects and experiences.

In the primary grades, students learn most of their scientific concepts by their interaction with the world around them.

In the intermediate grades, grades 3 to 5, students are exposed to more academic concepts through class instruction and experimentation. Use of the interactive whiteboards and the many resources available on-line add to the depth of the experience for the students.

Students in 6th grade follow a detailed study of general science focusing on the scientific method and validated inquiry. These students can also participate in an after-school Science Squad where they study certain topics in-depth to present them to our school community in the Spring.

Our 7th graders have a full year of Life Science and the 8th graders complete a course in Physical Science. 7th & 8th graders participate in the diocesan Science Fair each year where we often have students who place very well in their chosen categories.

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