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Seventh Grade

Mr. Keenan Hartline  
& Ms. Julie Olsen   

Welcome to Holy Cross Academy! We are very happy to tell you and your child all about our community. Our school is a world of learning that emphasizes Development in the Catholic Faith, Academic Excellence, and Diverse Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities. Holy Cross Academy seeks to meet the needs of every individual in a very unique way!

First, we live our faith at Holy Cross Academy. It is taught and nurtured and practiced in some way every day. We begin every day and every class with prayer. We share our concerns for individuals who are suffering from infirmity by remembering them in our school wide prayer in the morning and at our weekly Liturgy. We have our parochial vicars come to our Religion class every week to enhance our academic religion lesson. We perform Hope Projects that reflect the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy and we begin our preparation for the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation in Seventh grade.

Second, Academic Excellence is a way of life at Holy Cross Academy. In seventh grade our students study pre-algebra in classes where they are grouped by ability. They explore the wonders of Life Science and are required to do a Science Fair experiment. They begin an in-depth look at our country’s history from its infancy through the War Between the States. Language Arts is all about our students honing their writing skills, improving grammar, increasing vocabulary and fostering a true love of reading. They will explore and create several different forms of poetry, write short stories and business letters. In math, the students will design their own roller coasters and perform all the necessary calculations. They will have a class in Spanish three times per week where they will explore the Spanish language and the Spanish Culture.

Third, we will inspire creativity in your student by widening the horizons of the classroom through diverse co-curricular activities that support and enrich classroom instruction. All of our rooms are equipped with internet capable technology to enhance our lessons. In religion, we pair up with technology to create a brochure about the Sacraments of Healing and a Prayer Card about our Confirmation Saint. We take field trips to compliment what we are studying. For example, we took a trip to the Newseum to see the effects of weather on our ecosystem in their Hurricane Katrina exhibit. We also made a pilgrimage to Saint Matthew’s Cathedral and discovered, not only religious treasures, but also beautiful mosaics and a huge pipe organ.

Fourth, here at Holy Cross Academy, we strive to create a fun and loving atmosphere to foster your child’s love of learning. We have team sports such as soccer, field hockey and basketball. We have the Math Olympics Team and National Junior Honor Society, Photography Club, Drama Club and Youth of Note Chorus. In seventh grade, students may cantor at our weekly Liturgies and students in grades 5 to 8 assist at Mass as Altar Servers. We also have a very active Student Council Association whose Officers are elected from among our Middle School Students.

Here at Holy Cross Academy we are prepared to face the challenges of the future with Christ as our Guide. Together we will grow in God’s Grace. The faculty is prepared to discuss this wonderful opportunity that awaits your child; we hope to hear from you soon!

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