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Sixth Grade

Ms. DuMont 
Mrs. Amanda Byus 

Mrs. Brenda Meskunas

Holy Cross Academy blends a spiritual reverence with a complete academic package for your child. Upon entering Holy Cross, your child will be welcomed into a learning environment that emphasizes development in the Catholic Faith, academic excellence, and a diverse array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Holy Cross Academy can blend these elements like no other in the area!

First, faith is the main focus at Holy Cross Academy. Your child’s faith will permeate their entire experience of each and every day. Spiritual development in the 6th grade will introduce an in-depth study of the origins of the faith through the Old Testament. Students will study the Passion and suffering of Jesus through an annual 6th grade tradition of the Tale of the Three Trees. The students will be involved with multiple service activities such as making lunches for the homeless, and “Food for Those in Need’, a special project for grade 6. Each class, including grade 6, has a special piggy bank for the Oblate Sisters’ missions.

Second, at Holy Cross Academy, we have a superior academic faculty. Academic instruction touches the mind, body, and spirit.  6th grade students will write research papers, write letters to authors, and have “Literature Days." Students will study with hands-on experiments in local ponds, travel on field trips to Washington D.C. or Richmond, complete science fair projects, and challenge themselves to try their shot at the Diocesan Spelling Bee and National Geography Bee.

Third, creativity is expected here at Holy Cross Academy. Your child will not be bored here at our school. Co-curricular activities support and enrich formal instruction. 6th grade students will enjoy creating newscasts of space in science class. There is a yearly career expo through our Guidance department, and students create board games about novels and write and perform original plays in Language Arts class.

Fourth, we want your child to love coming to school. Extra-curricular activities are more than just an afterthought. They are part of your child’s daily routine. Here are some of the activities your child could enjoy outside the classroom:

  • Boys’ and Girls’ Sports

  • Science Squad

  • Drama Club

  • Chorus

  • Photography Club

  • Young Catholics Service Group

  • Scouts

This dynamic school community presents your child with these and many other experiences for growth. The faculty are willing and eager to assist you with any questions that you may have about our fabulous school.  Please contact the office of Holy Cross Academy at 540-286-1600 to learn more or set up a tour of our facility.  Registration is ongoing.

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