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Family Involvement
Family Involvement

Parents and families at Holy Cross Academy participate in the life of the school on a daily basis. Our parents are an important part of our school and donate their time and talent to make our school the wonderful family community that it is. Saint Mary parishioners help our students in the library and our tutoring program. Our school parents and parishioners allow us to offer many programs to our students that we could not offer without their assistance. 
All parents are encouraged to be active members of our PTO and to support the goals of our school through their ongoing involvement.

New Student Referral Program
Many of our families initially hear about Holy Cross through a personal

referral from an existing school family. Now we want to reward you for

promoting our school to your family and friends! Through our New

Student Referral Program, your family can receive a $200 tuition credit for referring one new family or a $400 tuition credit for referring two new families. Click here to find out more!


PTO Board & Activities
The PTO is very important to Holy Cross Academy. We are blessed with involved, enthusiastic parents who give generously of their time and talent for the good of our school. Our PTO makes it possible for many special events to take place in our school. We encourage all parents to find some way to be involved in our Parent-Teacher Organization.


You can see the current board members here.


Are you ready to get involved with some of the fun and important things that families do at Holy Cross Academy? Please follow this link to find out more about our volunteer committees and events! We'd love to have you help!


SCRIP Program

What is the SCRIP Program?
In an ongoing effort to keep tuition increases down, especially now in difficult economic times, we are very pleased to share some exciting news with you about our fundraising program to benefit parish support of our school. It’s called “SCRIP” and it’s a gift card program that pays back while you shop. This may be the easiest fundraiser ever because it requires no extra spending! It’s true. Simply budget your expenses and shop as you normally would at your regular stores, for groceries, gas, the occasional movie or dinner out. A percentage of what you spend automatically is given back.


Three Ways to Order SCRIP: 

  1. Visit the website online, This is by far the easiest way to order. Contact our SCRIP coordinator for the enrollment code and then simply follow the instructions to set up your own free personal account using Presto-Pay debit system. Even if you don’t order online, the complete list of retailers is there to view. Order at your leisure.

  2. Download the order form, fill it out and drop it off at the school or parish office.

  3. Visit our SCRIP stations after Mass at St. Mary and HCA and order directly from the SCRIP supplies on-hand. Store card variety/availability may vary from week-to-week. Please refer to the Inventory List to learn about current SCRIP available at St. Mary and Holy Cross Academy.


Need Help?
Use the Getting Started with Scrip . It will walk you through the ordering process! Looking for a convenient way to order? Use the Scrip Presto Pay handout to help you set up Presto-Pay through


How Does it Work? 
We purchase the gift cards at a discount off their face value (1.5 to 25%) from participating retailers. When you buy the cards dollar-for-dollar and spend them as you would cash, Holy Cross/St. Mary receives the discount as revenue! It is a very simple, no cost way to support the school, especially since you go about life as you normally would anyway. Everyone wins:

  • the retailer gets cash up front and repeat business from us;

  • families get a powerful fundraising option that requires no selling;

  • our school gets a regular source of revenue which helps keep our parish subsidy within 


Order Pick Up
Orders will be submitted twice weekly and, once received, can be picked up at Mass or at HCA (or you can choose to have them brought home by your student.) Volunteers are greatly appreciated and NEEDED to assist in selling SCRIP at Masses and with various other duties. 

Please direct your questions to Lloyd Keeton at

There really is no limit to how this program can be used to the benefit of our community. With a parish our size, the amount could be in the hundreds of thousands, taken in total.

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