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Uniforms & Dress Code

The dress code provides a standard for our students, which fosters an environment conducive to learning and respectful behavior.
Final decisions regarding the school uniform rest with the principal.

Our uniforms are available from Flynn & O'Hara (clickable link).

Ways to Order with Flynn & O'Hara 

Used uniform sales are conducted several times per year by the PTO Uniform Committee. During uniform sales, you can exchange items that your children have outgrown for larger size items, or buy used uniform pieces that you do not have yet. These sales are usually in the first few weeks and the last few weeks of the school year. Uniforms can only be donated at drop-off events held before sales. Dropping off uniforms at any other time is not permitted.

Contact the used uniforms coordinator at

Uniform Requirements & Other Pertinent Information

All students' shoes must be all black, made of fabric or leather upper,“low top” design, have non-marking soles, attach securely to the foot, and allow students to comfortably participate in school and recess activities. Ballet flats and cloth shoes are not permitted. Parents are urged to purchase shoes which provide proper support for their child's growing feet.  Shoe Fashion Show for pictures of acceptable and unacceptable shoes for the school year.


Girls in Grades 1 to 5

  1. maroon and grey jumper

  2. grey dress slacks and black belt

  3. white blouse with Peter Pan collar or turtleneck

  4. maroon sweater with school logo (must be worn for school Masses & for pictures)

  5. black dress shoes - must fasten, no ballet flats or cloth shoes

  6. maroon crew socks/tights/knee socks 

Girls in Grades 6 to 8

  1. maroon and grey skirt

  2. grey dress slacks and black belt

  3. white blouse with oxford collar or turtleneck in winter

  4. white golf shirt with school logo in summer

  5. maroon sweater or sweater vest with school logo (must be worn for school Masses & for pictures)

  6. black dress shoes - must fasten, no ballet flats or cloth shoes

  7. maroon crew socks/tights/knee socks

Boys in Grades 1 to 8

  1. grey dress slacks and black belt

  2. white shirt and uniform tie in winter; white golf shirt with school logo in summer

  3. maroon sweater with school logo (must be worn for school Masses & for pictures).  Middle School has option for a sweater vest with logo.

  4. black dress shoes - must fasten

  5. grey socks

Optional Summer Uniforms for boys/girls in all grades

  1. grey uniform shorts (these must be purchased through the uniform company so that the students will maintain a uniform look; substitutions are not permitted)

  2. white golf shirt with school logo in summer

  3. grey socks for boys; maroon socks for girls

Physical Education uniforms for Grades 1 to 8

  1. grey athletic shorts and grey or maroon tee-shirt with school logo

  2. grey or maroon sweatsuit with school logo (no other sweatsuit may be worn with phys ed uniform)

  3. all black shoes with black laces & gray socks for boys, maroon socks for girls.

Students may not substitute other items for the phys ed uniform. Lack of proper physical education uniform will be reflected in the student’s grade.

School and phys ed uniforms must be purchased from Flynn & O'Hara (clickable link).

Girls' jumpers and skirts may not be more than one to two inches above the knee. Parents are asked to exercise caution in hemming them at the beginning of the school year. Correct uniform length must be maintained through the end of the school year.

No part of the uniform may be rolled.

Girls' earrings must be small posts. Hoops and dangling earrings may not be worn. No other piercings are permitted.

Boys may not wear earrings or have any other piercings.

Students may only wear religious medals and crosses; no other jewelry is permitted.

No make-up may be worn other than clear nail polish.

Hair spray, perfume and cologne are not to be brought to school

School shoes must be all black and may not be made of canvas.  Any type of boots, clogs (shoes without a back), shoes with an open toe, or shoes with a heel above one inch are not permitted. Shoes must fasten and stay on the student's foot. Ballet flats and cloth shoes are not permitted. Shoes must be solid black with no other colored designs.

Tattoos and tattoo transfers are not permitted.

Students are expected to maintain neat hairstyles. Extreme hairstyles are not permitted, including hair height. Students are not to color their hair.

Boys’ hair may not touch the shirt collar.

Students’ hair may not be in their eyes. It must not go below their eyebrows. Girls with hair in their faces will be required to use a barrette or headband.

Tee-shirts worn under the uniform shirt must be solid white.

Students may not wear sweatshirts or jackets in class or at assemblies except when they are in their phys ed uniforms. Students who are cold must wear the school sweater.

While the students are in the winter uniform, they are to wear the school sweater at Mass each week. If the room is warm or a student becomes overheated, they are encouraged to take off the sweater. Students are reminded to make special efforts to wear their uniforms properly and to be very clean and neat for Mass.

Hats may not be worn indoors.

The complete school uniform must be worn every day although students are not obliged to wear the sweater except for Mass, school pictures and special events of which they will be notified.

On the day the students have phys ed they will be permitted to wear their phys ed uniform to school.

Kindergarten Guidelines

Kindergarten students do not wear the school uniform. Kindergarten students are expected to wear nice play clothes. They are not to wear jeans but may wear sneakers to school. Kindergartners may not wear nail polish or nonreligious jewelry. Kindergarten students sit on the carpet frequently and take a daily rest time on mats. Parents will want to take this into consideration when planning their child’s clothing. Kindergartners may wear the uniform or parts of it if they so wish.

Casual Dress Days
Instead of listing what students may not wear, we are listing the acceptable items of clothing that may be worn for Casual Dress days.

ONLY the following items of clothing are acceptable for Casual Dress days.

When students are permitted to dress out of uniform on a school day or at a school function, including Middle School dances, they must follow the following dress code:

  • Acceptable items of clothing that may be worn for "Dress Down" Days:

  • Shirts or other pieces of clothing that do not display questionable or messages.

  • Shirts must fall below the waist and must have sleeves and full backs.

  • Jeans must not be too tight, frayed or have holes.

  • Boys may wear dress shorts in warm weather, as directed by the assistant principal.

  • Capris (which go below the knee), may be worn by the girls.

  • Girls are not permitted to wear shorts or leggings in place of slacks.

  • Girls’ skirts or dresses must be no more than 2 inches above the knee.

  • Clothing must be neat and appropriate for school or the scheduled activity.

  • Clothing must fit appropriately, being neither too tight nor too loose.

  • Make-up may not be worn.

  • Students may not wear flip-flops or shoes with heels higher than one inch or open backs.

  • Students who come to school or a school function with inappropriate clothing will wait in the office until their parents can bring an approved change of clothing or pick them up. If parents can not pick them up, they will be given a sweat suit from Lost and Found to wear for the day.

* Updated 8/2019