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St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Parish

The parish website is found here:

The priests and parish family of St. Mary Church support our students, faculty and staff through their prayers and guidance.

Each August, our pastor provides a day of spiritual enrichment for our faculty and staff. Father provides spiritual guidance and assistance for all in our community. Our pastor makes every effort to be present for the many events that take place in the school and shows his commitment to the spiritual good of all our school families, our children and our faculty and staff.

The priests of St. Mary parish teach Religion to the older classes weekly. They also visit the younger students from time to time. They provide Confessions for our students in Advent and Lent and celebrate Mass each Friday for our school. Our priests are uniquely committed to the spiritual good of all of us at HCA.

Fr. John Mosimann, Pastor - 540-373-6491

Fr. Michael Folmar, Parochial Vicar - 540-373-6491

Fr. Sean Koehr, Parochial Vicar - 540-373-6491

Fr. Scott Sina, Parochial Vicar - 540-373-6491

Fr. Phillip Cozzi, Parochial Vicar - 540-373-6491

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