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The support of each family is critical to the success and continued growth of our school community. Each family with children in grades K-8 is required to contribute a minimum of eight (8) service hours per school year. Parents, guardians and other adult family members may contribute to their family’s required service hours by volunteering to support events, activities and initiatives that strengthen the school community. The academic year for counting service hours is from July 1st  – May 31st. Family members must be background compliant in order to supervise children on or off campus. See the office staff, business manager or school website for information and instructions on how to fulfill this requirement.

There are some opportunities that are more extensive and require more hours of service. These opportunities will completely fulfill the family’s 8 hour requirement for the year. They are: 

  • PTO board positions

  • Room parents

  • Auction/event committee chair

  • Extra-curricular club moderator

  • Athletic coach or assistant coach

Other opportunities will be tracked by the hour and include:

  • Lunch/recess monitoring (click here to sign up)

  • Working a PTO or school event

  • Assisting with a “specials” class (library, art, technology)

The following events/activities DO NOT count toward the service hours:

  • Chaperoning field trips

  • Reading or helping with an activity in your child's classroom

  • Class parties

  • Sporting events

If you are unsure about qualifying hours that you have or plan to serve, please check with the office. Service hours must be completed by May 31st each year. Families who fall short of the service-hour obligation will be billed at a rate of $20 per unserved hour. This amount will be due before the last school day in June and must be paid in full before report cards or transcripts are released.

Family Service Tracking Form

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