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Tuition Information

TUITION 2023-2024

Holy Cross Academy Tuition Policy 2023-2024
The following are the tuition rates and fees for the 2023-2024 School Year.
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  1. Tuition is paid in full or on a monthly payment plan over a ten-month period, beginning August 2023 through FACTS Management Company.

    For families re-enrolling, the non-refundable Registration Fee will be charged to your FACTS account on April 3, 2023.


  2. In the event of a financial crisis, such as unemployment or serious health concern, which prevents making regular tuition payments, a family must contact the Pastor/Principal promptly.

  3.  A family seeking tuition assistance for the coming school year must complete a Tuition Assistance Application available online at  This application is due to FACTS Tuition Aid by March 15, 2023.  This information, plus a review of the family's service to the parish and the funding available, will be used to make a fair decision concerning tuition reduction.

  4.  Parishioner Tuition Policy is available on our school website under Tuition and Fees.  Those who register after November 30th of the year prior to the school year child begins school at Holy Cross Academy will be considered as Catholics from other parishes for that school year.  In Parish status will be given for the following year when a completed Parishioner Registration and Confirmation form is submitted to Holy Cross Academy.  Parishioner status cannot be changed mid-year.  An exception to this policy will be given to those who move from other areas to inside the boundaries of Saint Mary parish.  These persons will be given parishioner status if they present a letter that states that they were registered and actively involved in their former parish.  If not, the above regulations will apply.

  5.  Participation required in annual PTO Fundraiser --families sell 2 cases of World's Finest Chocolate per family.  

  6. Family Service Hours of 8 hours per year per family.

  7. Homeless lunch program -- classrooms assign a bag lunch item for families to send in 2 times per year per child.

  8. Graduation fee (8th Grade) -- fee of $65 is collected during student's 8th grade year.

  9.  Field Trips, lunch, milk, uniforms and extracurricular activities are purchased separately.

  10. Please note that the whole parish supports the operations of the school;  tuition revenue does not cover all of these costs.  Therefore, everyone must make the sacrifice of time, talent, and treasure to support the mission of the parish, not only the school.

  11. If a family has outstanding fees (i.e. tuition, service hours payment, lost textbooks, etc.) the official transcripts will not be provided until the account is paid in full.

Holy Cross Academy Preschool at St. Mary 2023-2024
2023-2024 Preschool Tuition Rates.jpg

Tuition and Fees for Saint Mary Preschool 2022-2023

Non-refundable application fee - $50 per child/$100 family

Non-refundable registration fee - $100 per child

Supply Fee - $100.  Collected in two $50 payments, one at the beginning of the school year and the second at the midyear point in January.

For those families enrolled in the FACTS program and with children at both HCA and the preschool, tuition payments are made on a 10-month cycle.

FACTS Agreements

To request any changes to your FACTS agreements, please send an email to our bookkeeper at  Three (3) business days is required for any changes.  

To make changes on your FACTS account, please contact FACTs at 1-866-441-4637.

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