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Fifth Grade

Mrs. Peggy Timmons - 
& Mrs. Michelle Haywood - 

Here at Holy Cross Academy we strive to give each fifth grader a solid foundation in organization, study skills and academics to prepare them for middle school and higher education. Fifth grade is a year for preparing, maturing and growing. We help our students grow into responsible young people by providing each child with instruction that meets their individual needs.

First, we set our expectations high and help students from the first days of school to organize their supplies. Students are assigned a student number which is written on all textbooks, workbooks, agendas and written assignments. Some students benefit from color coding folders and book coverings per subject. Another organization tool is hands-on help from the teacher or a peer helper. Because, we, the teachers are organized, the students’ environment is organized.

Second, fifth grade is a year to learn how to study. Note-taking skills are taught. Study guides are given prior to tests. Interactive games and reviews are used on the computer and interactive whiteboards. After school help is always available.

Third, we believe in working hard when it’s time to work and being rewarded when it’s time to have fun. Homework is given daily and always gone over the following day to check for understanding. We believe students’ questions are important and a vital part of learning. Although we teach geometry and problem solving, our main objective in math is mastery of basic skills. Reading is important in all academic areas and we believe that fifth graders are not learning to read, but reading to learn.

Fifth grade is a year in which to grow physically, spiritually, emotionally and academically.  We are with them each step of the way to achieve their goals. 

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