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Fourth Grade

Ms. Rachel Manning - 
& Ms. Dawn Szabo - 

At Holy Cross Academy your child will be part of a wonderful learning environment. Our mission is to help each child develop his or her faith, academic excellence and diverse co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Holy Cross Academy prides itself on meeting the needs of your child.

Here at Holy Cross Academy, your child’s faith will flourish. Each day the children learn and participate in spreading the Catholic faith.

  • Daily faith-oriented environment

  • Service projects

  • Daily instruction in our faith

  • Bring Grandparents alive with People Posters

Academic excellence is a high priority at Holy Cross Academy. Our goal is to provide superior academic instruction where learning comes alive with enriching lessons.

  • Mini-Mall allowing children to become entrepreneurs

  • Performing in the 4th. grade musical

  • Technology stimulated learning

Traditional classroom instruction has a definite time and place. Cross and Co-Curriculum activities are instrumental in enriching each student’s formal instruction.

  • Faculty works closely together to link instruction

  • Weekly instrumental instruction offered

Lastly, at Holy Cross Academy we want your child to succeed not only academically and spiritually as well. We want your child to love school! Your child will enjoy life in and out of the classroom.

  • Daily recess

  • Fun and education field trips – Pamplin Park Historical Park and Old Town Fredericksburg where the students take a walk through history.

  • Explore Science through Scientist of the Week

Here at Holy Cross Academy your child will not be a number. He/she will be a member of a caring family. We will strive to enrich your child academically, spiritually and socially. We would love to meet with you to share the fun and excitement the fourth graders experience at Holy Cross Academy.

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