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kindergarten with father r.HEIC

Mrs. Laura Dunneback 
& Mrs. Donna Godek 

Thank you for offering us the opportunity to share with you some of the exciting things happening in our Holy Cross Academy kindergarten program.  The learning experience extends beyond our classroom walls into everything we do.

We are very proud of the faith-filled environment that surrounds our children’s learning and development.  Our kindergarten children attend weekly Mass with their 8th grade friends, which also fosters an on-going relationship throughout the year. Our religious program focuses on the goodness of God, as well as Mary, the saints, Church celebrations, and prayers.  The children enjoy their involvement with our community outreach opportunities by preparing lunches for the homeless, contributing items for needy Moms and babies to the Advent Giving Tree, experiencing an Easter field trip visit to Greenfield Assisted Living Home, and the many Christ-centered occasions that arise throughout the year. 

All our children are offered opportunities to develop academically, socially, emotionally, and physically according to their abilities. Learning is always active through structured classroom experiences as well as play.  Fine motor skills are practiced through cutting, pasting, coloring, and printing.  Table activities and using manipulatives also contribute to improving fine motor skills and social development.  Full-time classroom assistants help us to meet the needs of every child.

We provide a strong Reading and Math readiness program through an active hands-on learning curriculum. The use of the ActivBoard provides more interactive classroom experiences in all subject areas. Social Studies and Science topics and lessons are also enhanced by the wide variety of learning activities that are readily available through our school’s additional technological programs.
Our children actively participate in the Fine Arts by class performances as well a variety of after school experiences.  Specials in the arts and technology along with a monthly Guidance class complete our kindergarten curriculum.

Additionally, Holy Cross Academy supports good citizenship through the Scouting program beginning at the kindergarten level.
Again, thank you for your interest in our program. We hope to have you and your child as added blessings to our school community.

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