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Third Grade

Ms. Isabella Clemente -
Mrs. Cheryl Stevens - 

Holy Cross Academy is a vibrant school and a superb learning environment for your child. Immediately upon entering Holy Cross Academy your child will experience a dynamic world of learning that emphasizes the development of the whole child through the fostering of a deeply held and lived Catholic faith, academic excellence and diverse co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The way in which Holy Cross meets the individual needs of your child is second to none.

First and foremost is the fostering and nurturing of the Catholic faith. True to our mission and passionate about our calling, the third grade teachers of Holy Cross Academy work diligently to bring a living faith to each child entrusted to our care through

  • The adoption of a classroom patron saint

  • Practice of the Corporal Works of Mercy as we sponsor fundraisers for the homeless and disadvantaged

  • Practice of the Spiritual Works of Mercy through classroom prayer services and devotional prayers

Second, at Holy Cross Academy academic excellence is taken seriously. Mastery is the goal of every teacher here, and we work diligently to ensure each child reaches it commensurate with his or her ability. The third grade teachers realize that no two children are alike and that their readiness levels differ. Therefore, we

  • Differentiate instructional methods to reach diverse learners

  • Utilize technologies that encourage mastery in math, reading and writing

  • Make tutoring available for students who need it

  • Perform engaging Science experiments that excite and engage all learners like our annual egg drop and roller coaster extravaganza

Third, children at Holy Cross Academy are encouraged to think and learn creatively and become engaged in the learning process. Actively engaged students are students who learn most effectively so we strive to make that possible for every student. Many activities complement the learning that takes place within the traditional classroom.

  • Fairy tales written in class are typed in technology and illustrated in art

  • Reading genres introduced in class are further explored in Library

  • Learning about Ancient Egypt comes alive as students make Canopic Jars in art

Fourth, at Holy Cross Academy our students really do love to come to school, and they become part of the larger school community as they involve themselves in rich and rewarding extra-curricular activities. Students can learn to play the keyboard in third grade, join the running club or become a member of the girl or boy scouts. Drama club provides our students the opportunity to shine and develop their various talents while forging friendships with others that last a lifetime.

Our motto at Holy Cross Academy, “It’s About the Children,” is true. It really is about the students. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the many exciting opportunities that await your child. Registration is ongoing, and we value the time spent sharing our school with you.

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